Trivia Pix : Challenge your friends in a picture identification race

Available on Apple Store and Google Play Store

Play Trivia Pix on your mobile

Trivia Pix is on Apple and soon on Android

Challenge the whole world

Play against your friends or against random opponents on the other side of the planet

Pictures for all tastes

Several thousand pictures are available in many categories

Develop a strategy

Choose the right category and be the fastest

Analyse your progress

Follow your progress thanks to detailed profiles and statistics

Win trophies

Your progress will help you to win trophies

Use your winnings

Use your winnings to acquire new skills

Rules of the game

You choose a category in which you must identify three pictures as quickly as possible. Then it is the turn of your opponent to reply on the same three pictures.

Your score depends on your speed in identifying the right answers. The match is played over six rounds each of three images.

May the best man win!


Some examples

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